Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and one of the highest free-standing mountains in the world. This snow-capped mountain is one of the most perfectly formed and certainly the most spectacular. Its fame has spread far and wide while it attracts mountain climbers and nature lovers alike with its magnetism. Kilimanjaro National Park covers the area above 2700m on the mountain and is located a mere 3 degrees (approximately 340km) south of the equator. Its vegetation varies from montane rain forest, to heath and moorland to highland/alpine desert presenting a symphony of awesome landscapes and scenery.

Climbing to Uhuru peak, the highest point, is a non-technical hike which can be done by any average adventurer. There are different routes used starting with the most popular Marangu route, to the most scenic and equally popular Machame route, to the less touristed Shira and Rongai routes. For the physically fit persons looking for a Challenging climb, the steep and fast Umbwe route makes a perfect option. They could also attempt our special combination of Africa’s 2 highest peaks. Climbing both peaks provides a fascinating variety of scenery, vegetation and culture not to mention the challenging rigors of such a trek.