Capybara Tours & Safaris offer uncountable Zanzibar holiday, is scheduling and booking for  Zanzibar Hotels and Restaurants to give our Traveler best  service on their holiday. Zanzibar Island is also recommended for Traveler who visiting for their Honeymoon  holiday.

Traveler’s Information for Zanzibar Beach Holiday 

Zanzibar Island, Zanzibar City, has continuously been a famous destination for tourists. Offering an enjoyable atmosphere and profusely of sights and activities for tourist to opt for.

The region is mainly renowned for its beautiful original beaches as well as its charming house buildings and winding backstreets of small shops, mosques, patios, and squares. Travelers will also find prosperity of facilities in Zanzibar Island including mosques, prayer facilities, and Halal food in the city – which is mainly Muslim in faith. A visit to Zanzibar City is hugely recommended when traveling in Tanzania.

Zanzibar City – also known just as Zanzibar – the capital city of Island part of Tanzania, Tanzania’s Zanzibar region. Location of Zanzibar city is on the west coast of the Unguja Island, which is among the largest and most occupied islands of Tanzania. At present, Zanzibar City is home to a population of over 200,000 people.

The city is well known as Stone Town, one of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stone town is the city’s historic center and Ng’ambo – which have offices and apartments. The two regions are separated by an extensive road is known as Creek Road.

Zanzibar region offers some other sites for tourist or visit to explore.

Some remote places include Jozani Forest, the House of Wonders and the Arab Fort in Stone Town, the markets in Stone Town and the Seaweed Center. The East Beaches are also quite favorite amongst travelers.